Taking it to the streets (part 5)

More billboard masterpieces for your delight…

Poster crime soars but Labour puts gloss on it
Anlaby Road, Hull (Thanks Bobby)

Imagine 5 more years of bliss

I'd still think Tories are scum

Wood Lane, London (Thanks to Cybermuppet)

19 Responses to “Taking it to the streets (part 5)”

  1. Guido Fawkes says:

    5 more years of bliss? Very ironic.

  2. This site is lower class scum says:

    Something tells me immigrants did all of those

  3. Duncan McAlister says:

    Bliss? Erm… ohhhhhhkay

  4. Commonsence says:

    Excuse me, i happen to of seen billboards like that during the times of the election and the sign most certainly did not say bliss. you have obviously docctored that image. poorly i might add. if you really want to live in a communist state, which you must do to be dumb enough to vote labour, then why dont you go to russia. our country doesnt need people like you, we would like to run efficently.

  5. Thatcher.Major,Cameron there is no U in this party says:

    There are occassions when individuals with no evident political ‘commonsence’ attempt to write a political statement. However, the basis of their arguement is non-evident so it necessitates reverting to the classic thought process ‘labour= labour ideal = protecting the working man = socialst= communism = famed communist countries = Russia.’
    Despite Communism effectively lifting millions of individuals world-wide out of poverty and at least providing a basis of political thought whether ill conceived or otherwise.
    Cameron’s legacy? tax breaks for those that can actually afford them, demonising un-married couples, preparing to decrease NHS funding, encouraging eventual job losses because afterall, public services are just not important to a tory government.
    Russia it is then.

  6. Sarah Louise says:

    i am Labour and i do not approve of vandalism or graffitti, however there are times when vandalism and graffitti are acceptable. Tory posters by nature deface society – just as the party itself does. To walk down the road and see ”ARE YOU THINKING WHAT WE ARE THINKING?” Invites a response. How can you not reply? It would be rude to evade the question! People who risk breaking their necks and getting prosecuted by climbing up walls and trees to access the posters are not drunken oiks. They are people who are offended by nasty poisonous upper class hypocrites and are probably people who have suffered years of Tory destruction. Which is something that you psychotic Thatcher worshippers could never grasp. Even though you yourself may have bore the brunt of her broom. ”It’s for the best mummy”.

  7. Jeremy Clarkson says:

    ‘i am Labour and i do not approve of vandalism or graffitti, however there are times when vandalism and graffitti are acceptable’

    You are not acceptable.

  8. Ben Ware says:

    There is only one Party more corrupt that the Tories, they call themselves Labour.

  9. Mini says:

    Firstly, i am not a labour-lover, a communist or an immigrant (not that it would matter if i was)… but i would just like to point out that yes, vandalism is illegal & not to be condonned, but these posters are funny!
    If they really bother you, you can either get a sense of humour or just get a life.
    Also i guess i should express my undying hatred of dear mr cameron.

  10. Lola says:

    In response to “this site is lower class scum… something tells me immigrants did all of those”

    well, something tells me you are
    (a) racist and therefore either ignorant or stupid
    (b) a ridiculous snob – if you even have anything to be so snobby about, you are probably the product of centuries of inbreeding. yum.
    (c) jealous because whoever did these clearly has a better sense of humour and bigger balls than you.

    tallyho tory scum!

  11. Maxim says:

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  12. twobells says:

    The way the left behaved with their ‘tory scum’ chants when cameron arrived at 10 Downing st last night was small-minded and sad, I will NEVER vote labour again after seeing that.
    In ’97 when labour were voted in the centre and centre right accepted the decision with good grace, but now we are seeing the true face of the losers, they can’t stand power slipping away from them.

  13. twobells says:

    Think about that for a moment some sad twat has spent the time to photoshop some posters to drive his hate and members on this site applaud him…….
    No wonder you’re out.

  14. It is a comfort Leigh, thank you my friend.

  15. You must be a wonderful person!

  16. puma shoes says:

    Thank you for your post today. It offers us wisdom in so many ways. Thanks also for that tiny thread!

  17. Added to my favorite list and added to my blogroll.

  18. A guy with sense says:

    Rofl this website is terrible.

  19. Jonny Prescott says:

    I am a fat bastard , labour traitor . just like kinnock and blair . we are THE THREE TWATS .

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