Hate Mail (part 2)

Hate Mail

The Daily Mail
peddles a despicable cocktail of hatred, bigotry and fear.

We’re delighted to learn that concerned citizens have knocked up a spoof.

It’s called – somewhat inevitably – the Hate Mail [PDF], and 30,000 copies are being distributed nationwide.

Middle England’s house paper is guilty of many crimes, not least supporting fascism in the 30s.

British fascist leader Oswald Mosley was praised beneath the headline Hurrah for the Blackshirts.

The paper’s proprietor Lord Rothermere also wrote to congratulate Hitler months before the outbreak of war with Germany.

The rag continues to offer a daily diet of spite today, with immigrants bearing the brunt.

An anonymous ex-employee sums the paper up perfectly:

“The ideal Daily Mail story leaves the reader hating somebody or something”

17 Responses to “Hate Mail (part 2)”

  1. Sean says:

    Readers may also wish to seek out Charlie Brooker’s excellent book TV Go Home, a collection of spoof television listings which introduce us to the trials and tribulations of the inhabitants of Daily Mail Island, the reality show where previously sane individuals morph into angry, ranting fuckcocks after a short spell being forcefed a diet of bile from Dacre’s rag.

  2. tony says:

    Your anti Daily Mail rants might be a little more believable if you’d shown yourselves to be a little more grown up than you have done by calling your site Tory Scum. I can’t imagine this shocks or offends anyone, on the contrary, it gives the impression of a site run by idealistic, young student types who’ve seen little of the world except what they’ve been shown by school or their middle-class mummy and daddy.

  3. jose mourinho says:

    problem is tony. your probobly “midle classed” and you probobly do what your “mummy and daddy” told…so take a joke and shut up. there are some of us the party who are here to make the lives of thoose les fortionate better! and if your only here to make a point about class then dont waiste your times, ill take anyone from any class with any background…..maybe thats why i do better in life

    “the birds are flying”

  4. Russ says:

    LOL @ this. I am not paticuarly “for” any political party but I’d describe myself as further to the right than to the left. However the Mail is often totally OTT and I loved this parody of it.

  5. edgy says:

    yes…i often find that after reading the daily mail i end up hating someone or something…normally the victim of my hatred seems to be the daily mail …anyone who writes for it and anyone who happens to be reading it at the time

  6. Arse says:

    I hate Daily Mail – I found this site just now, after impulsively typing this into the search engine. I Hate Daily Mail. It’s happened after I visited BBC site to find out details about Ross/Brand suspension after Sachs affair. Silly matter indeed, but what incensed me was the moronic, cretinous, short-sighted and downright threatening comments made by the readers of the rag. One could see the by way of how the phrases were put together that it was nearly a ‘cut-and paste’ job my some commentators. God, I do hate daily mail, and for that matter I will never like the people who are reading it.

  7. Doug says:

    oh my god, i just did the exact same thing! typed in i hate daily mail on google following my fury at their rediculas over reaction to what most sane people can see was a joke! i hate the daily mail so much! bunch of self rightious un neceserely angry agresive raceist middle class (insert swear word here)

  8. spen says:

    me too… i typed daily mail hate in google.

    and we’re all sharing a common recognition that the Daily Mail is an obnoxious cesspool of bigotry. (apart from a few offended daily mail readers, who will probably write to their paper and tell them how they find this website the most offensive and shocking thing since Johnathan Ross etc etc and no doubt blame imigration…)

    Let me say this about the tories latest…

    Currently George Osbore is portraying the world economic crisis as a (somehow) private British affair, despite Obama taking similar evasive measures to the UK. If it’s all Gordon Brown’s fault then why is the US taking these measures too? – The tories will make political capital out of anything. They are currently spinning a global problem into a private British one. Oh I didn’t realise that… I was going to vote for David Cameron….

    Right now, The Conservatives are popular in Britain. Yeah well, cigarettes sell, doesn’t make them wholesome or good for anyone. Unfortunately 90% of people are thick. That’s why the Daily Mail sells. It’s written by bigots to be absorbed by the narrow-minded. Always has been. I could go on…

    anyway.. great site with a very serious underlying message.
    Cameron’s not a bad bloke, it’s the evil little shits he surrounds himself with like William Hague you gotta watch! He will tax the poor to give to people on £80K+ a year.

  9. chris says:

    :) very amusing

  10. Ben Ware says:

    I am a genuine working class tax payer and I have read on at least one occasion every major tabloid newspaper and I didn’t find any of them to be racist or bigoted. The Daily Express have come the closest in my opinion to possibly cause offence to Lib-Lab morons but definitely not racist.

    Two papers stood out to me to be full of absolute crap, poorly worded and not worth the toilet roll they are printed on and they were the Daily Star and the Mirror.

    The opinion I have come to is that it has become fashionable for some people to openly accuse some tabloid newspapers (not just the Daily Mail) of racism and bigoted views.

  11. Ben Ware says:

    Just thought I’d add; there is only one thing worse than the Tories, and that is Labour.

  12. sean connor says:

    Ben Ware, The only good Mail reader is a dead one. You, like the rest of the Mail readership, are brain dead you pompous racist bestard.

  13. eve says:

    Sean Connor.
    I am an old dear friend of Ben’s. & i don’t like the cut of your jib. His opinion is good, and you probably would have oodles to discuss- if there’s a cloakroom to put your ego in.

  14. good logic needed for this one!

  15. SUSAN says:

    i was sexually abused.
    why am i saying this, cos it’s more serious than a bloody newspaper

  16. John (expat from UK) says:

    Why am I not surprised to come across this website? I regularly try to avoid looking at the Mail, but somehow can’t always stop myself. It amazes me the number of utter hypocrites who leave messages, some of which leave you thinking “did you actually READ the article?”. Not only that, but often, the title of an article often doesn’t give the whole or correct story.
    Like many of you, just reading a few articles of this trash paper is enough to leave my blood boiling.
    Just out of interest (having read a few articles which made me seeth with anger, I decided to do a google search of “I HATE THE DAILY MAIL”. Why? because I really, really, really do & I would imagine having my back waxed would be more pleasurable than reading more rubbish this comic prints.

  17. Ben says:

    Look at the spelling of some of the people on here. Retarded views for retarded people.

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