How will spending £35 billion less on public services improve them?

UNISON has launched a spoof ad campaign based on Tory election posters.

The public service union’s version of the billboards asks:

“‘What are the Tories thinking of? – use your vote to stop them’

We couldn’t agree more. More details at the UNISON site.

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  1. RAS says:

    My dear god. How stupid can you people get?? The Tories are cutting WASTE by £35 billion. Not public services, WASTE. Public servies get better when there is less waste and bureaucracy. Is that really so hard to understand? (The Tories are planning to spend as much – if not more – than Labour in most areas)

  2. kit says:

    I’ll tell you what the Tories are thinking. They want to get rid of some of the 800,000 extra public sector staff Neo-Labour has hired to do non-jobs on the understanding they vote for Tony. Strange that Unison, with many workers in the health service want you to vote for a man who has killed and injured so many Iraqis. Strange that health care workers want you to vote for a man whose government has caused the biggest difference in life expectancy between rich and poor since Victorian times. Not so strange really, when your job is at stake, principles go out of the window.

  3. mellomeh says:

    Bear in mind they don’t mention a political party, they’re just anti-tory, like most of us. They could mean use your vote to stop the tories by voting lib dem.

  4. RAS says:

    Hardly. The Lib Dems propose more waste cutting than the Tories. It’s clear why you’re ‘anti-tory’: you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  5. Sword Of Truth says:

    If by getting rid of waste you mean they’ll sack thousands of people, then how will that save money? Those people won’t disappear into thin air, they’ll probably have to join the ranks of the unemployed. The Tories always were the party of high unemployment though.

  6. RAS says:

    More Blairite propaganda being peddled here. The Tories have actually pledged to reintroduce those sacked into the private workforce. They have budgeted for this in their plans. Actually, if you meter out Labour v Tories on unemployment, as the thinktank Reform did, you’ll find Labour have been the party of high unemployment. And that when Labour got in, unemployment was falling at it’s fastest level for decades.

  7. neil says:

    How does a government budget for a mass reintroduction into the private workforce, exactly?

    Incidentally, being anti-tory is nothing to do with ignorance, RAS. It’s to do with decency.

  8. Lee says:

    RAS, you sound like a character from a George Orwell novel.

    Waste bad, spending good. Waste bad, spending good.

    If you honestly think you can slash £35bn off the public budget without drastically affecting services, then maybe you do belong on Animal Farm.

  9. The Tories have actually pledged to reintroduce those sacked into the private workforce.

    I smell burning underpants.

  10. Torybasher says:

    The comments by Tories here show how stupid Tories really are.

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