It’s my party…

Channel 4 log

Fed up of the usual election news?

Channel 4′s coverage takes a surreal turn with their spoof political broadcasts.

They commissioned films for the three main parties from Lee Ford and Dan Brooks, the duo responsible for the controversial ‘suicide bomber’ spoof VW Polo ad.

Ford said:

“We set about creating the kind of broadcasts the three main parties would like to make if there were no regulations and they didn’t have to be politically correct.”

See all three at

6 Responses to “It’s my party…”

  1. Red Rum says:

    In 1970 Labour had a commanding poll lead, the press had written the Tories off and the Liberals said the Tories couldn’t win. The ultra left wrote articles like Tariq Ali’s infamous “Let it Bleed” saying a real Tory government was better than a Labour government. The result – a Tory majority and four years of attacks on the Labour Movement. Don’t let it happen again. Vote Labour on Thursday and make sure your friends do the same.

  2. pat says:

    The Tory government elected in 1970 was less Tory than Blair is now. A vote for Blair is a Tory vote. Remember Thatcher’s answer when asked what was her greatest achievement? You don’t? Well the answer was New Labour.

  3. pat – that’s sooooo right. Indeed, I remember the Tory National Minimum Wage, the Tory New Deal, the Tories Devolution, the Tory peace plan for Norrthern Ireland, the Tory abolition of the Assisted Places Scheme, the Tory drive for full employment and the Tory plans to build lots of new hospitals and rebuild all our primary schools.

    The Tories did all these things didn’t they and so that proves Tony Blair is a Tory, right?

    Leave me alone now while I go back to changing the world by selling newspapers to my middle class friends.

  4. pat says:

    You’re one of the last to realise he’s a right wing then, Bandiera.
    ID cards, war in Iraq with his head stuck so far up Bush’s a*se it’s embarrasing, restrictions on trial by jury, charging students for education (ie privatisation), presiding over the biggest difference in ages of death between the rich and poor since Victorian times, messing up pensions for the mass of the people. Is that what we call socialism now? As for spending loads on schools and hospitals, any government can spend money like water, but it’s Labour governments that don’t realise the consequences of spending money you haven’t got.

  5. Aw, thats ok, I understand.

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