Hate mail

Want to tell the right-wing tabloids how you feel?

Then download handy campaign sticker templates here.

11 Responses to “Hate mail”

  1. kit says:

    That link tells us the real enemy is Rupert Murdoch. His ‘right-wing’ tabloid The Sun has just advised its readers to vote Labour. Who are the Tory Scum you are warning us against? Is New Labour also counted as Tory Scum now? Their policies are certainly Tory. Who should we vote for? Let us know!

  2. neil says:

    In response to Kit, Murdoch’s Sun is doing what it always has, which is back the winner. Policies don’t come into it.

    Which is not to say that there hasn’t been a certain amount of ideological blurring, of course.

  3. kit says:

    Blair is more Tory than Mrs Thatcher. But then Mrs T went to a state school, Tony to a very posh public one. Leopards do not change their spots.

  4. Giuseppe says:

    Love the anti-tory stickers, went round birmingham today sticking them on every lamp post.

  5. Merrick says:

    “Mrs T went to a state school, Tony to a very posh public one. Leopards do not change their spots”

    So the titled Anthony Wedgewood-Benn, the old Etonian George Orwell, the aristocrat Kropotkin don’t change their spots. Yeah, right.

  6. kit says:

    You socialists are all as posh as each other. Tony Benn, as we call him now, is an aristocrat, one of a long line of champagne socialists who tell us how to run the world from posh parts of London. What’s Tony Blair seen of the world? Posh family, posh school, posh university, life as a barrister, then an MP. He’s got a lot of people fooled, but the nasty old Tories will come back one day to clear up the usual chaos a Labour government leaves behind.

  7. neil says:

    “You socialists are all as posh as each other.”

    Priceless. Does anybody know where I can get decent foie gras here in Tottenham..?

  8. jose mourinho says:

    the funny thing is….”kit” is propbobly…..just as privaliged as tony b….just tony b’s views are left! i know that labour polititions care about the well being of others, unlike any body who votes tory. and before you rant at me, im of privaliged back ground…and yet iv worked since i was 14 and went to comp school….oh im also dyslexic and i puttt many of my houres into dylexic charity as well as labour…ill fite till the day i die to stop a tory goverment….well being a tory goverment…oh and whilst im here, a bloke wrote a critical remark in the mock “hate mail” section. he said, “you sound like a bunch off midle class students who sound like you do what mummy and daddy say.” he is midle class…theres nothing wrong with that…unles you think your god…which he does…and he does do what his “mummy” and “daddy” say….he votes TORY!
    “the birds are flying”

  9. John says:

    The BNP are on the rise and there’s no stopping it,DICKHEADS.

  10. Ben Ware says:

    Labour = Corruption

    Labour = Tax Payer Rip Off

  11. nba jerseys says:

    HeHe, Love it! Thanks.

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