Taking it to the streets (part 4)

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Of course not.

Here’s another bumper crop of defaced Tory billboards.

As one visitor noted, what they lack in subtlety, they gain in enthusiasm.

Imagine 5 Tory years of shit

Hospital killers bugs treble since Tories

How would you feel if the Tories won this erection?

Stupid Tory bastards

Tory racists

23 Responses to “Taking it to the streets (part 4)”

  1. Diane says:

    Hah hah.

  2. Sophie says:


  3. RAS says:

    This is vandalism in all but name. If you want to debate Tory policy, do it here with me. Don’t resort to mindless thuggery.

  4. Michael says:

    Sadly, I didn’t have a camera, but I spotted a superb piece of billboard alteration when driving to Bath yesterday.

    The Tory candidate for the Northavon constituency, one Chris Butt, has been openly encouraging creative amendments by sticking up huge billboards saying:


    …with lots of handy white space to add things, such as the one spotted on the A46 just outside Nimlet, Gloucestershire:


  5. John says:

    When will you blairite ‘activists’ realise that mindless vandalism does you and your party no credit.

    When I see this sort of thing I truly understand why my entire family has never voted Labour in 70 years.

    They are corrupt ‘we’ll think of the people again in 4/5yrs’ populist…I wont finish that with an insult…that would be a bit hypocritical…oh wait…arrr well.

    Take Labours bastardisation of constituency boundaries in the last 8 years. How can Labour get 35.2% of the vote and win an overall 356?? seats in Parliament…whilst the conservatives receive 32.3% and get a mere 197 seats. Surely you can see the present (completely labour created) disproportionality to the election system??
    Its frankly a disgrace…awww I’m all angry now…

    LOL, take it easy guys.

  6. James Michael says:

    Look you stupid Labour barstards, you dont know what makes a real party and this WHOLE site is full of shit. The conservatives have been in more times than you Labor (spelt without a U on purpose to show how much you bum the Americans) aresholes and the smallest majority in Parliment EVER is not much of an achievment!!

  7. Ishmael says:

    If the Tories got in, they really couldn’t do worse than Labour. I’m £1k worse off a year- and things have got WORSE- how does that make sense?
    Labour claimed to be a party of the workers- in fact, the Tories are more pro-worker.

    Vote Anyone but Labour.

  8. Labour supporter says:

    Don’t we all realise its time to rise against our governments? Democracy is weak and we know it!! Establish a system of professional revolutionaries…NOW!!!

  9. Zorg says:

    I don’t vote Labour, but these posters are hilarious!
    Keep them coming. Tories eh? No sense of humour.

  10. Torybasher says:

    Tories are scum and the pathetic comments made here by Tories say it all..

  11. . says:

    “Tories are scum and the pathetic comments made here by Tories say it all.. ”

    ugh, Tory Basher? I don’t think you can call anyone pathetic.

  12. How can you debate tory policy? Surley they would be required to have some first?

  13. chimpy says:

    lol moaning little tory cunts, cant take a joke can you, well i guess you can but you call it politics. at the end of the day though lets face it the conservative party is just a bunch of jumped up rich boys hanging themselves in womens clothing, wish all you elitist scum had the sense to kick the stool away…

    eat the fucking rich!

  14. emma says:

    oh so true…hilarious boards there, perhaps vandalism not the most appropriate action, but hey! there are exceptions to the rule…as in writing the truth. democracy the only way to go, and surely immigration is a two-way thing. how many british people go to spain, or have a holiday home there? those countires don’t kick us out, so why the hell do tories think they have the right to kick other races out? and if they got up off their cushy, rich arses they would realise that some people immigrate to england because we are a supposed multi-cultural society, and some escape from awful situations back home. that’s supposed to be something england’s proud of, and they are trying to rid us of it….yeah, cheers for that.

  15. Mike says:

    Where are you when we need you?

    The tories are getting an easy ride in the press and media with no policies and some very right wing MP’s.

    Come on guys, we need you.

  16. Fuck You Chimpy says:

    Hey Chimpy, i’m a young conservative but believe me that it would take a fuck load more than you and your jumped up socialist mates to even land a punch. With any luck by now three years on you’re in jail and staying there. If not come and have a go, i’ll show you what a jumped up Extremely elite rich boy can do

    And as always go fuck yourself!


  17. conservative :D says:

    fuckin love u fuck u chimpy ha ha

    yeah all of u labour twats who tell us to ‘get off our cushy rich arses’ and ‘elitest scum’ we are better than u and we knwo it ha ha ha u poor little scumbags hang on im about to go count my money. actualy y bother just gonna get my butler to do it ha ha fuck you labour. MAYBE IF U WORKED HARDER IN SCHOOL FOR O LEVELS AND A LEVELS YOU WOULDNT HAVE TO HAVE SUCH A HARD LIFE NOW . SO RUN ALONG AND SMOKE YOUR FAGS AND DRINK YOUR BOOZE COS THOSE ARE THE ONLY RAYS OF LIGHT U R EVER GONNA GET NO BOATS NO NICE HOUSES NO NICE CARS ha ha ha ha ha ha WHERES YOUR COUNCIL HOUSE EH U POOR CUNTS HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA and if u dont want to be poor then firstly u can stop dressing like poor people what with ur nikey tracksuits and hoodies and shit u guys dont help yourselves. put on a fucking shit 4 once u lazy fat arse council house single mother majority LOSERS x

  18. this indeed did make me smile. thanks

  19. The magic!! Making God’s presence felt!

  20. Jonny Prescott says:


  21. John says:

    Those vanalised billboards are people expressing the truth.

  22. Emma says:

    Both parties have made mistakes, but the Tories have made many many more mistakes, harming the middle-class workers than the labour party.

    Yay for labour ^-^

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