Taking it to the streets (part 2)

More defaced Tory billboard ads for your delight. Keep the photos coming to toryscum@gmail.com and keep up the good work.

Fuck you you racist Tory pieces of shit

It's racist to impose limits on immigration

Longsight, Manchester

It's racist to impose limits on immigration
Picton Road, Liverpool

Are you thinking that we're trustworthy?
Pontllanfraith, South Wales

The law should protect me, not the rich!

Are you thinking that we're not?

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55 Responses to “Taking it to the streets (part 2)”

  1. Pete says:

    Tories: how would you like to find one in your laundry basket? Banging nails in your big black dog?

    (with apologies to Ian Dury)

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  3. Dispite general political apathy amongst the population (due in part to all the parties being “grey”… apart from the Greens lol), there is still anti-tory feeling around. Not exactly rebellious, more cheeky, are these modifications to The Conservative Poster Campaign.

  4. Barry says:

    “Are you thinking what we are thinking”, obviously not, as they seem to think that policies that have kept them out of power for 8 years will appeal to the public this time

  5. Yes – proper responses considering the source.

  6. Mark says:

    Can someone please explain why it is supposably racist to impose limits on immigration?

  7. QE Spew says:

    It isn’t racist to limit the amount of immigration into a country – it is racist to deny immigrants entry based on their ethnicity or country of origin. When you impose limits there have to be rules that define the situation when the limits are set. It’s simplistic to think that it’s a simple numbers game. Whether you like it or not, a major factor in assessing immigration applications is the place someone comes from. So, when you have a bunch of social conservative nitwits at the helm, guess what criteria they’ll be enforcing under the table?

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  9. Some Dude says:

    Too lazy to do it myself, but I think some good “modifications” could be made by putting thought bubbles coming out of the tagline, with various appropriate things inside them. “Fascism rocks”, on law and order themed ads, for instance. For the anti-immigration ones, maybe put something like “but we are”, or “bloody wogs”.

  10. Toby says:

    These are all very good, but far too subtle… what we need are teams of stencil artists to spray the word WANK repeatedly over each and every square centimetre of every single tory poster. It would be too beautiful for words, and if we got enough of them, Jeremy Paxmam would have to talk about it. Let’s go people – make it happen…

  11. edward says:

    Zimbabwe…I bet you made room for all those terrible white people fleeing the slaughter, right?

    Why dont you go back to your tribes and clans and let the men take care of the nation.

  12. encourage vandalism – proper

  13. alex says:

    guys, do you not think thta this is all a bit cheap. I’m no Tory, but a lot of the things that they are saying aren’t wrong in themselves. It isn’t racist to impose limits on immigration and hitting them with a racist slur because of what you believe they will be doing “under the table” is neither intelligent criticism nor good politics. It just seems to me that that the Tories are advertising a coherent political viewpoint, whether we agree with it or not, while most people on this website are stooping to poorly thought out and generally low grade insults. For example, the half-wit who wanted to put “fascism rocks” thought bubbles up may want to study his history a little more before mouthing off.

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  15. francis says:

    why stop at tory posters, why not wage war on all scummy capitalist posters

  16. With a bit of luck a fair few Tories will end up finding out exactly how hard it is to clean a hospital ward by ward, with mop and bucket in hand, after they are outed on May 5th.

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  18. Rose says:

    Alex, do you not think the cheapness of this campaign is rather mirroring the political campaign of the Tories themselves? I personally think it’s rather apt, considering the most sophisticated political debate Michael Howard has come up with so far is the equivalent of poking his opponents in the eye with a stick.

  19. Lloyd says:

    contemplating leaving the country if the tories get into power…
    my village is currently holding some kind of ‘who is proudest to be tory’ competition, i’ve counted around 30 homes with blue flags flying out front. plus has anyone else seen the huge square cardboard banners around the place saying ‘vote conservative’? THEY ARE REALLY BEGINNING TO PISS ME OFF…..

  20. Rebekka says:

    Anyone who’s commented that it actually isn’t racist to impose limits on immigration needs to think about this campaign a little more carefully. Of course in and of itself it is not racist to impose limits on immigration – all countries have limits on immigration, anything else would be impractical. I assume Britain does currently as well. The underlying message here is designed to appeal to peoples’ racism, without being blatantly racist. People who are racist look at it and think “great idea, we should keep the bastards out of our country”. People who aren’t racist look at the slogan and think “Well, of course that’s not racist, Labour are bad for saying it is, that’s just common sense”. So the Conservatives get to appeal to peoples’ racism without appearing to actually be racist themselves. This is what happens when you employ Lynton bloody Crosby to help run your campaign. That bastard helped our bastard government win an election in Australia by claiming refugees (now to forever be known as “illegal immigrants”) threw their children overboard to try to get into the country – something that went straight to the hearts of racist Australians, and was hotly denied by the few decent people here who knew no-one of any race would deliberately endanger their children. Of course the truth came out AFTER the election that they knew all along no-one was thrown in the water (truth was, boat was actually sinking at the time) but after an election it’s too late to change your vote. Don’t be fooled by this clever trickery.

  21. Luke says:

    So, Rebekka knew “no-one of any race would deliberately endager their children”. What about suicide bombers? Or does that not fit “our” way of thinking?

  22. Luke says:

    Anyway, back to the issue of racism.

    We *are* *all* racist.

    Just sit there for a minute and ask yourself, if your daughter came home with a black/white/muslim/jewish/indian/pakistani/american/chinese (extend and delete as appropriate) would you be happy with her marrying them?

    Now answer truthfully!

    Would you say/do anything about it? Most people, no. Well, I hope most people!

    But deep down?

    So racism is there, somewhere, and to some degree, but it’s there. And it’s niggling everyone, to some degree.

    Now you’re faced with the problem – address it, or not. You can take the liberal view (small ‘L’) and do nothing as it’s racist to do anything about it.

    All that will do it eventually drive voters to the BNP – it’s already happening.

    And I for one would rather have the Tories than the BNP!

  23. Tony Booth says:

    I think that it is really interactive of the tories to design posters that say ‘are you thinking what we are thinking?’; and to leave a space for an answer.
    It’s about 30 years since I amended a poster, but now I am back into it thanks to that nice Mr Howard!

  24. Flora says:

    ‘unlimited uncontrolled immigration’ is what we have now, the Conservatives say on their website- echoes of old Enoch’s line in Rivers of Blood speech about how vast numbers of immigrants were coming, and that it would provoke the an uprising against them (and the same veiled threats are being made now with references to controlled immigration being a threat to diversity). The hateful tone in debate on immigration at the moment is playing on false fears and encouraging the idea that this and kind of the things the BNP are saying is acceptable

    Howard says ‘There are, literally, millions of people in other, poorer, countries who would like to settle here if they could.’ Actually numbers are declining, UNHCR figures show the number of asylum seekers arriving in 38 industrialized countries fell sharply for the third year in a row in 2004, reaching its lowest level for 16 years, at 368,000. http://www.channel4.com/news/factcheck/quote.jsp?id=108

    Another quote from Howard:
    ‘Asked what a Conservative administration would do if faced with large numbers of victims of an oversees atrocity applying for refugee status once the quota limit had been met, he explained: “We would say ‘I am really very sorry, but actually there is a limit to the number of refugees we can take’.” Nice.

  25. Luke ought not to export his bias on others.

  26. jIMMY sNIFF says:


  27. colin says:

    for those people who are writing posts here claiming that limiting the right to asylum is not racist…you are total wankers.
    what the tories are proposing would go against all international human rights agreements and would mean that individuals fleeing torture and war would be told to fuck off immidiattely without even a trial.
    you are the kind of shit-eating right-wing pragmatists who voted Hitler in.

  28. Luke says:

    Objectivist Mafia – which bias?

  29. Tom says:

    Luke, you’re right; we are all racists at heart. Hostility is a natural response to being confronted with members of the same species who do not originate from your social group, especially if they are within the borders of your territory. In the past this obviously served a very useful evolutionary function. We can still see this exemplified, in fact, by the behaviour of any number of different animals that form societal relationships: lions, wolves, dolphins, all the species of ape, etc.

    What makes us, as humans (at least most of us), different from these creatures is our ability to ‘over-ride’ these natural reactions using our intelligence. We can meet people from other backgrounds and, despite the reflexively hostile reaction, we can see them as (and treat them as) we would a member of our group. We can even force ourselves to see foreigners en masse as fellow members of a species, rather than a rival social group.

    The example you give regarding a daughter’s fiancé is clearly a hangover from long ago. The feeling of unease you describe is there because your natural instinct tells you that when your genes are being passed on, it should be with someone who is physically similar to you, in order to dilute your genetic makeup as little as possible. Ask yourself if this is really important to you, as a person.

    Now, to argue, because of the natural instinct described above, that a racist government is inevitable, and due to this, you should vote for your favourite racist government, is absolute madness. Even suggesting that the only real choice is between the Tories and the BNP is a joke. Not a particularly funny one, but a joke all the same.

  30. Kitcar says:

    FULL QUOTE of Rt Hon M. HOWARD From Conservatives.com->Asked what a Conservative administration would do if faced with large numbers of victims of an oversees atrocity applying for refugee status once the quota limit had been met, he explained: “We would say ‘I am really very sorry, but actually there is a limit to the number of refugees we can take’.”

    I think that is the single most awful peice of implied policy I have ever seen. I hope Mr Howard realises the parallel with 1940′s Sweden who refused sanctuary to Danish Jews resulting in mass slaughter but for a 6 mile boat ride.

    Well we can’t take them all so we’ll “send ‘em back”. Racist, xenophobic sh1ts.

  31. chloe says:

    Glad there are some other people in this country who can’t figure out the logic behind a man who once tried to place such extreme limits on immigration that if they’d been in force in the 1930′s his own parents wouldn’t have been allowed to enter the country.

  32. EpiLePTiC_FaiRY says:

    It’s not racist to impose limits on immigration… we already do (contrary to the boll**ks on the Conservative web site) but those limits need to be carefully considered. The country can’t afford to support every asylum seeker on the planet and without limits the floodgates would open! However, I don’t think we should stop immigration altogether as these poor people are being forced to leave everything they know. That’s a big deal! I also don’t think you can impose a clinical numerical limit. I’d much rather swap the moochers we already have in the country (benefit thiefs, dolers etc.) for immigrants who desperately need somewhere to go and are willing to work hard, but obviously that’s not going to happen either!

    Alex, you’re wrong… not everyone thinks that way, but unfortunately a lot of people do. I’m very protective of my little sister and I can honestly say the colour of her boyfriends skin would not bother me in the slightest. I am far more concerned with the way he conducts himself and treats others (especially her). I don’t have a daughter but I can’t see my opinions changing if I did.

    Will the conservatives ever stop bitching and actually do something or think of something for themselves? If voted in I think they will just sit there looking completely lost, because all they have done every time I bother to take notice is make rediculous jibes about other peoples ideas/policies. They remind me of the irritating person in the office… every office has one and unfortunately so does the house of commons. Immaturity won’t get my vote.

  33. Locke says:

    I don’t know how i found this site, but geez its queer. We should stop immigration.

  34. Chris says:

    Luke Says:
    “Now you’re faced with the problem – address it, or not. You can take the liberal view (small ‘L’) and do nothing as it’s racist to do anything about it.

    All that will do it eventually drive voters to the BNP – it’s already happening.”

    Well isnt the problem that people are being scaremongered into thinking that immigration is a problem? Too right we have to sort it out…the scaremongering of the right-wing press, the tories and labour! Have people forgotten the positives of economic migration? How is supports the society, adds 10% to our economy etc…?

    The problem is not the immigrants its the people who make them out to be such a problem that drives people to the BNP.

    If the politicians formulated a decent discussion on imigration, rather than telling people we are swamped with imigrants that are flooding the NHS then I’m sure thats a far better policy to reduce BNP voters.

    By speaking about the issues in such an insenstive matter, rather than pointing out their benefits, only fuels peoples anxieties about such issues, increasing BNP support.

    AND AS FOR LOCKE…..well yes lets stop imigration “geezer”, and then lets see who runs the NHS, cleans the streets, drives taxis… good idea or just plain old bigotry?

  35. Liz says:

    So it’s not racist to impose limits on immigration? So there’s only so many people this country can support? Why, then, do a sizeable number of people entertain dreams of leaving this country for Provence/Madrid/etc and never, ever, consider themselves as immigrants? Is it because IT’S OK to be an immigrant if you’re white, middle class and from Guildford (hell, we’ll even make a tv show about your search for ‘a dream home in the sun), but if you’re from Croatia, Ghana, Afghanistan then we’ll subject you to a racist poster campaign and force you to work in McDonalds, even if you’re a qualified doctor.
    Welcome to Britain.

  36. MEMEME says:

    What people don’t realise is that more immigrants means cheaper workers, which means less money for people in poorly paid jobs.

  37. Helen (Labour and proud) says:

    When are all you bigots who are posting on here going to realise Immigration is not an issue…sometimes I look at people in this country and feel really…sad frankly about the fact we clearly haven’t moved on from the days of a certain Mr Mosely.

    Quoting a George Eliot character “It’s a disgrace to be a foreigner but unfortunately it’s not yet a crime” – George was writing around 200 years ago…but we haven’t moved on, despite all that Immigrants contributed in The Industrial Revolution ie one Isambard Kingdom Brunel…people, get a little perspective – and a history lesson.

  38. Mark says:

    Immigration is not an issue?

    May I suggest that Helen takes a trip to Croydon some time.

  39. SteveC says:

    The majority of immigrants *are* honest, hard working people. what needs to be controlled is the immigrants which refuse to work. the percentage of unworking immigrants is higher than the average unemployement rate for Britain.

  40. stipefish says:

    I must admit, I’ve never travelled much outside of England. I’ve been to Henley no amount of times (a largely asian community in London), but I’ve never seen a white ghetto abroad.

    Possibly because an area with that much capital isn’t a ghetto, but a province?

    I don’t know. I’m just guessing. You tell me. After all, I wouldn’t want to shoot my mouth off without reason or prior consideration, would I?

  41. Theo says:

    I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make, RE: Ghettos.

    There may or may not be any ‘white ghettos’ (though I’ve seen places that look pretty fucked up in Manchester and London myself, race not being an issue) but ghettos are about poverty, not race.

    However, many ethnic minorities in this country are of a much greater proportion in the poorer section of the population than the richer, I believe.

    Anyway, immigration is a non-issue – I’m with Helen on that one. If Croydon’s fucked up it’s because it’s a fucked up area, not because of immigration.

  42. Joe Buckley says:

    The Conservative party want more genuine Asylum seekers to be accepted. Under a Conservative Government, more people would be given asylum in this country.

    The Conservative party will accept the most needed economic migrants over those less needed. There will be a limit as it would be damaging to the country if more were accepted than can be coped with.

    It is not at all racist to impose limits on immigration.

  43. Norm says:

    the population of the UK is falling. which is good. there are far too many ugly, greedy, selfish humans in the world. anyway, immigration would allow us to take in people to replace the drop in our population, it would ease the swelling of the ranks of third world countries where religion and cultures stop contraception from controlling ridiculous birth rates, and this is what the human race as a whole needs. people to be a lot more nice to each other and not so selfish and ignorant. however if i could go back in time and support immigration i would, in stone age times when people first came to britain. imagine all the forests still being there isntead of these ugly fields. countryside my backside.


  44. JOnthan Bidgood says:

    Hmm. Good to see internet debate is still thriving, and clarity and rigour of thought prevails over sloganeering and emotive thuggery.

    Couple of thoughts re the above.

    I can understand people’s scepticism about the claim that we are all racist, but it seems to me that what the author is actually proposing is that we are all scared of the unknown. This is pretty obviously true. The only way to arrest one’s natural tendancies in this direction is to establish a metaphysic which comprehands the strange en masse. various religious system’s have achieved this in the past with regards to death, but generally it stands that we are just shit scared of stuff we don’t understand, and i would suggest that that is a not unreasonable position.
    The solution, however, is to enlarge your understanding, not to react to the mysterious with preemptive violence.
    I haven’t seen a leading polititian display political integrity in my lifetime, so i am disinclined to vote for any of them (although as a keen suporter of democracy and the open society, I will have to choose the least objectionable at some point soon). however, i would love to see a few of them actually trying to open debate on these issues. wider scrutiny is needed, open and accountable to the people of this country. Not just abusive and entrenched mud slinging.
    The fact that the latter tends to make up most of our political discourse is, i fear, the result of the rise of television, a medium that favours visual metaphor and soundbites by its very nature. When that is the dominant method of information distribution, open and involved debate will always give way to political graffitti.
    On a less general note, I am not deepy conversant with the life and thoughts of Mr Mosely, but i understand that his general gist was that if you mix up a whole bunch of worldviews with radically different founding principles, sooner or later there will be a punch up. Relevant possibly, considering recent ‘demonstrations’ regarding dutch cartoonists.
    My political philosophy; i am prepared to listen to and evaluate the words of anyone, whether you wish to label them ‘fachist scum, ‘commie bastards’, ‘reactionaries’, whatever form of bigotory floats your boat. What an individual brings to the debate should not be mediated by your or my opinion of who that individual is. The ones that really frighten me are the ones who won’t enter he debate at all (it’s that unknown quantity thing again).

  45. Lupo says:

    Mind you Jonathon, it’s better to keep your mouth closed and look like a fool than to open it and remove all doubt; not with regards to your observations, which I take to be more sound and rational than most. But the debate in general, I believe, is a tricky one to engage in. I mean what are these posters actually saying? It’s very easy to formulate an opinion when the underying meaning of such propaganda is so grey. The tories (and the rest) seem to be more obsessed with image than specific policy. Cameron’s more like a model on the catwalk than an MP. I only wish that he’d stop strutting about and clarify and expand upon these wishy-woshy slogans…

  46. just guess says:

    when will you people learn the Tory, in spite of what you think will win the next elections. Left wing will never work. The foundations of Labour are communist. Left wing =equality! I am sorry but i am sure most of you do not want to *give away* your hard earnt money to drug adicts! Yes Tory have made some mistakes, but not half as many as Labour. Britain has become an *immigration* hot spot and crime has gone out of control!
    How dare labour think they can campaign for an improvement in the NHS when they themselves mucked it up! When i was in Harlow last week ( a ward un by labour) the hospital wards were covered in blood and smelt of urine ?? Put a matron o nthe ward ( as the conservatives say) and that will not happen. The hospital ward consisted of a few most likelly un-trained nurses who could not speak good English !

  47. Pamela says:

    Hmmm – im sure Labour might be trying to improve hospitals because of the absolute disgrace the tory party left them in. These posters are a brilliant idea as they remind people exactly what we are facing here! Please everyone – take action or be faced with 5 years of the pompous twit from Eton – David “superman” Cameron (see Sunday Times mag 30th July aka most nauseating thing i have ever seen!) Don’t let them back in!!!

  48. Tory Blair says:

    Pretty funny, especially now that LABOUR will be IMPOSING IMMIGRATION LIMITS! So, presumably LABOUR is RACIST.

  49. Vster says:

    An interesting point of detail – one group the Tories wanted to exempt from limits were people who settle here because of ‘ancestry’, ie one of their grandparents was born in the UK. No limits for this category, which doubtless coincidentally, is white (white South Africans, Australians etc). So perhaps the poster should have added: “But it is racist to exempt millions of white south Africans, Australians and New Zealanders from any limits.”

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