Subvertising: Do It Yourself

Paint brush

Fancy rewriting those pesky Conservative campaign posters? It’s easy*…

  • Choose a slogan – you’ll find ideas here
  • Print it out – use 450pt Tahoma (bold capitals) for footer text, experiment to match body text
  • Stick it up – wallpaper paste will hold, add PVA glue to waterproof

For tips ‘n’ tricks from the pros, try Smashing the Image Factory, a manual of billboard subversion.

*It’s also illegal, kids, so don’t do it without Michael Howard’s express permission. We can’t be held responsible if you end up going down for a ten stretch. But do keep the photos coming of other people’s handiwork.

UPDATE: Readers of a nervous disposition may prefer the virtual Conservative poster generator.

4 Responses to “Subvertising: Do It Yourself”

  1. An Old Pensioner says:

    Good to see your promoting criminal activities. Your on a par with that bloke who goes round keying peoples cars saying its art. Nice one dickhead. Who about i key your face? or just write all over it because it offends me?

  2. Kitcar says:

    Hmmm, nice use of “your” rather “you’re”. I would say trot back to class, but seeing as the only people who vote tory are indeed “old Pensioners” I would instead suggest that you get yourself back to your local and order another pint of mild for you and all your crass, ignorant and xenophobic mates.

    F@ck ‘em if they can’t take a joke.

  3. Kitcar says:

    D’oh! N.B. I have noticed my startlingly amusing ommission of the word “than” in my own post….pot…kettle…me stupid. Back to class I trot.

  4. EpiLePTiC_FaiRY says:

    Hmm? Say what now? The veteran voter made a fair few glaring mistakes and you pick up on that one? e.g. “goes round” -> “goes around”, peoples’, it’s, “Who” -> How, I should be capital… etc. But I don’t see any point in picking on their spelling and grammar as they had probably just left the local social club… it was posted at 4.12 pm after all.

    If anyone would like to point out any mistakes I made, I’m always eager to listen and learn.

    Would it be illegal to print out the png from that poster generator and erect my own billboard in my front garden? There is a conservative club at the top of my street and I haven’t been firebombed in nearly 3 weeks now!

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