Celebra-tories: Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson polaroid

Jim Davidson is the classic celebra-tory.

Like many, he threatened to leave Britain in 1997 if Labour won the election.

He finally emigrated to Dubai in 2004, telling Des O’Conner…

“I could change my religion to Muslim and have four wives. Mind you I’d have four mothers-in-law if I did that.”

See what he did there? We can’t help but wonder how he feels about living with, ahem, Johnny Foreigner, but there you go.

Bewilderingly, he was made an OBE for his charity work in 2000.

Two years later he addressed the Conservative Party conference on defence policy, explaining:

“I don’t yet know exactly what I’m going to say, but I reckon it will be controversial stuff.”

Just like Sinderella, we presume. He was clearly the right man for the job – after all, he’d donated £5,000 to Iain Duncan-Smith’s leadership campaign.

Davidson is notably absent from the current Tory campaign, suggesting that their PR people have seen sense.

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  1. Dan says:

    As they say, ‘the personal is political’ and just a brief look at Jim Davidson’s character speaks volumes aout the party he supports. He once refused to give a stand up ‘comedy’ performance because there was a disabled person in the front row and one of his many unfortunate wives, who at that time was an HTV newsreader, read the news one evening with a black eye! Jim Davidson now lives in Dubai.

  2. Lee says:

    Jim Davidson is clearly Tory Scum and I’m relieved he finally left the country.

    However, your next Celebra-tory should be Paul Daniels – remember how he threatened to leave the country in 1997 if Labour got in, but never did? Probably increased turnout for Labour by several thousand.

  3. Debs says:

    I think you will find that he did not want disabled people in front because the front row are traditionally those picked on and he did not feel it was right. Could be true? Also, I do not blame him leaving this country as it is getting worse and worse under labour and it is going to take a strong government to put it back on its feet. I just pray that it is someone sensible this time!

  4. Mac says:

    The disabled people knew that when they brought the tickets and were prepared for it.

    Jim refused to go on because he was unable to change his act? Surely not a consumate loveable friendly professional like Jim. Some of his best friends are black too I understand.

  5. Michael says:

    I’m sorry but anyone who stands up for Jim Davidson is a grade ‘A’ cunt. End of story.

  6. George says:

    After watching clips from some of jim davidsons shows i have come up with this conclusion, he is grotesquely unhumorous. He is beyond any controversial limits, he does not realise how mentally sick he is in every way. He should not be recognised as a comedian as his ‘gags’ consist of being as offensive as possible beyond any social acceptance, gaining applauds from some of the most ignorant people on earth. I cannot stress how bigoted and fascist this vile human is. We can all hope that his existance in the public eye fails as soon as possible, and that his is erased from history forever….. WHAT A CUNT!

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  8. Jim Davidson says:

    I am a legend.

  9. roger ramjet says:

    Angus Deakin said it best about Jim Davidson . “Don’t you know you’ve hit rock bottom when you’ve insulted Jim Davidson’s intelligence”

  10. antony dawson says:

    Mardi arsed Davidson has left Britain cause labour are in power.
    Come to think of it I was going to Leave Britain if the Conservatives got back in.

  11. roger ramjet says:

    Jim Davidson is a typical thick working class tory. He is not what any one would define as an intellectual. Ha Ha Ha! I doubt if he can read or write without help. I am all to glad he has left Britain. Good riddance to old rubbish. The likes of him make you feel ashamed to be British. It’s a pity the useless Conservative party doesn’t join him

  12. Evan Riley says:

    Well Jim Davidson as the say in the good ole USA, “If you don’t love it leave it.” You characterise every thing bad in Britain. You have done our great nation a huge favour by leaving Britain. Kindly do The U.K. one more and don’t come back to Britain ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Emma Thomas says:

    You couldn’t exactly describe Jim Davidson’s departure from the UK as a Brain drain could you!!!! Ha ha ha ha

  14. Steve Knowles says:

    Derek and Clive? “This bloke came up to me…?” It was Dim Davidson. I would never insult a lady’s “Parts of Shame” by calling him a cunt so, maybe, “A grade A1 camel’s rectum” will suffice. My mate’s Dad went up to Dim after a gig and said, “Hello!” Reply: “Fuck off!”
    There is no torture devized in the dark, cold pits of Hell that would do justice to this towering and unjustified ego.

    Fucking scum.

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  16. Legger says:

    He always was a cunt. Loving the well-hung parliament!!

  17. rob says:

    Davidsons turned out to be the biggest wanker that ever walked the face of the earth!!
    He thinks hes a soldier half the time because hes done a show here and there?
    Fucking tosser he is?

  18. Micmac says:

    OK, he’s a racist and a xenophobe and just about everything else he’s accused of here and elsewhere but the only honest way to judge him is via his chosen profession – and Jimbo just isn’t funny.

  19. gerard brown says:

    What a wretched excuse for à human being!!

  20. Rob says:

    Who’d have thought it? In Cameron’s Britain, a racist, sexist wins a popularity contest…

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