Taking it to the streets

We love it when a plan comes together: general election commentary care of Flickr users.

It's not racist to deport Tories

Tory bigots

Tory scum

Tory scum

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64 Responses to “Taking it to the streets”

  1. Julian says:

    Who cares about immigration?

    More importantly, tax is theft.

  2. Andrew Milner says:

    Don’t waste your emotional energy worrying about immigration. It’s too late for that; Britain’s already committed cultural suicide through its multicultural insanity. Current UK immigration policy is keeping the right people out and letting the wrong ones in. Enoch was right: He was advocating not allowing unrestricted immigration as a way to prevent racial strife. If only he’d struck out that “rivers of blood” phrase, history might have been different. The cause and effect of joining the US in the Iraq misadventure is becoming painfully obvious. Britain together with the US is heading for pariah nation status, which is the one thing that mitigates against emigration. Just hope reality takes a long time to catch up with image. Your income potential in say Asia is buttressed by your “English gentleman” image. If the 7/7 bombings haven’t convinced you of the folly of multiculturalism, nothing will. Essentially there is a Muslim 5th column of sleeper cells throughout Britain that just need activating. But it’s far too late to “send um back” now: The NHS would collapse for starters.
    So think about emigration for yourself, because Britain’s washed up. Surely the 5/5 election makes this obvious. An apathetic electorate voted back Blair and NuLabour after all the deception, lies and spin. Blair should be facing impeachment and treason charges for taking the country to war on the basis of lies and deceit. The threat to your way of life is not synonymous with the threat the Britain. Apathetic Brits, particularly the underclass aren’t worth blogging for, marching for, protesting for, fighting for. Leave them behind because Police State UK is all they deserve. Get yourself a clean passport and start hitting the embassies. And if you really want to make the ultimate sacrifice, marry a citizen from your emigration target country, and seek your fortune in the colonies. Hey it worked for me back in 1972. “Three more brandies and pronto.” Obviously everything moves on. You could aim at increasing net wealth by $1,000,000 per year in Japan in the late ‘80’s, but those days, sadly, have passed. So today, as a starting point, try entering “English teacher, Shanghai” on the web.

  3. becky says:

    No because what they wrote is true and i agree with it.BUT i do not think this is the way to show their beliefs.:D

  4. Gareth says:

    We have to remember that the experiences of asylum seekers and refugees are far worse than anything we’ve ever experienced in our British safe haven. Not only that but, to reiterate a few points already made, they are some of the most educated and skilled people in this country and the Home Office actually refuses them the right to work. There are those that scrounge, no doubt, but I know a lot of white, British, young men and women that live locally that are bumming off the system. Those people that complain about immigration are the same ones that will be complaining about higher taxes when the population deficit kicks in and we’ve got to support all the grans and grandads. It might do them some good to consider the long term implications of what they are fighting for instead of picking up The Sun or Daily Mail and being taken for a ride.

  5. thieving scumbag brown says:

    Wake up for f*** sake!! Do you live in cuckoo land.

  6. Nina says:

    “The only limit we need is a national IQ limit. That would stop the vast majority of immigration”

    And that’s not racist?

  7. Dave says:

    Don’t REALLY need that many kebab shops. There are other things in life!

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